Monday, September 21, 2020

They are just similar in design

 They are just similar in design, furthermore the personalities are also very similar, such as Rottweiler and St. Bernard is really stupid and confused. Besides, the same is not the same but with the difference, depending on whether you can practice "hot eye" and quickly distinguish them or not. How to differentiate between Saint Bernard and Rottweiler? Rottweiler is depending on the variety of pet dog dog lovers, adult height at 58-69 cm, weighs 41-50 kg. St. Bernard is a typical extremely large breed, when grown up 61-71 cm tall, weighs 50-90 kg. 

How to differentiate between Saint Bernard and Rottweiler? The Rottweiler personality is a bit quiet, agile and loyal to owner. has the ability to distinguish right from wrong, friendly treatment of friends and fierce treatment of enemies. Therefore, owners must practice rigorous training and adjustment from a young age. How does one differentiate between Saint Bernard and Rottweiler? Saint Bernard has a more docile and easygoing personality, prefers to drink with family and is more patient than carrying children. Saint Bernard is easier to tame and is also good at saving lives. Today, my friend was walking out after a meal, I met a couple of grandparents sitting in the corner of the park, carrying a dog in front of him, with a few people gathered beside him in two rows of three, only if I clawed in and saw that they were selling dogs, dogs, trash. Xixi, who used to keep dogs, can see it, this is a small dog, probably picked up by his grandson and grandson after being abandoned by his owner. They said that keeping dogs at home is not inconvenient, for example leaving it outside can be cold. 

Dead, so see if anyone will buy it. I bought an abandoned bichon, but unfortunately I haven't saved it yet. It's so regrettable ~ because of that, the owner couldn't bear it so he took the little dog home, the next day took him to the pet store to take a bath, the people at the pet hospital were very wary and said that before Lowest bath should check the disease. Unexpectedly, after similar investigation, it turned out that this dog was small, no wonder it would be left out! I found an abandoned bichon, but unfortunately I haven't saved it yet. What a pity ~ such a small dog has suffered too much guilt, if the owner takes care of it low and vaccines the dog then perhaps this little dog will not get sick. The owner decided not to give up the furry child and continue the treatment, but unfortunately, in just one day, the little dog went to heaven! You guys do the homework before you raise the dog, don't try to be alert if you hurt yourself and your dog! I bought an abandoned bichon, but unfortunately I haven't saved it yet. Unfortunately ~ with the advancement of society and the great development of science, our lives have been subject to earthquake changes, with the help of technology, the pace of life seems to be fast. More quickly, everyone on the road yielded as if they were racing for a while. In such a hurry we missed out on the majority of people, things, landscapes, etc. 

The existence of electronic products, such as cell phones, also gradually turns us into bows, immersed in that tiny screen, greatly reducing our chances of contact and communication. directly bring people. do not bring the emotional communication between people who own each other, more and more people have chosen the secret to jump into the arms of their pets, hoping to possess spiritual comfort in the presence of innocent children and cute. Funness and happiness. Gradually, people began to consider pets as companions in our life, we consider them as family members, they see us as heaven and earth, winding us around every day, with them. its world center. In addition, some feeders end up opting for them when faced with economic factors or self-organizing family. not only that, the "Danville District Charity Association" has chosen to accept abandoned children and accept the responsibility of their care, to accompany them. 

The "Danville Town Charity Association" from the United States specializes in helping owners who cannot continue to look after dogs and cats and continue to keep their pets. Their approach is to have abandoned dogs and cats return to the guild to save them from the misery of wandering the streets. Then provide them with affordable care and management, help them with homelessness, provide suitable families for them to settle into a lost family, fulfill their promise of lifelong care. Love it, give it a promise, don't give it up! ▲ [Share the case] "Danweier Charity Association" was told that because of a family with new members, the mother was afraid of the allergy and decided to give it up. After the dog has been picked up and booked by the club, it will be taken care of, cleaned of the wound and trimmed. Love it, give it a promise, don't give it up! ▲ After the talented renovation of the Guild's mother, the dog has a new face! It is ready to welcome its second family! can see the dog

Friday, September 11, 2020

Having ever raised a pet dog

Hong Kong dog causes panic – but here's why you needn't worry about pets  spreading COVID-19

 Having ever raised a pet dog, even those who make a dog's parents for the first time can quickly immerse themselves in the role of a dog, carefully every detail of the dog's eating, even when there are occasional complaints. and depressed, He will also forget everything for a few seconds when the dog is too cute and cute, and continue to feed it, shit, and play without complaining. Of course, dogs are not as high as humans in IQ, but they are also emotional humans, you pay them with both eyes and heart, as long as they bring the opportunity, they will make extreme. me to reward you. Not long ago, 1 netizen filmed such an interesting and touching video at home. The dog was worried that the little owner would catch a cold, so he thoroughly covered her with a blanket. 

Me: Another dog! This is what happened. After today's lunch, the kid of the netizen should go to take a nap. Since it took a few minutes to fall asleep, netizens put her in bed to play, and wrapped her clothes on one side, and the kid babbled to herself. After a while, I fell asleep, netizens tried to cover the kids with a blanket, when the family dog ​​quickly danced to the bed, rolled the child's blanket, and picked up. Netizens were stunned to realize this scene, unexpectedly the dog in the family was so sharp, in fact, only worried that the little owner would catch a cold, so she took the initiative to cover her with a blanket! 

The dog was worried that the little owner would catch a cold so he carefully covered you with a blanket. Me: Another dog! Seeing that the dog could not use his legs, he lifted his head until the little owner had spread the blanket all the way, after finishing covering, he made a mutual check, as if he were checking for any mark on his face. land or not. The little master had slept soundly without being bothered by the dog. Seeing Gouzi's busy little figure, netizens were very pleased: I have a good dog sitter, and I have a maid with my baby! The dog was worried that the little owner would catch a cold, so he carefully covered her with a blanket. Me: Another dog! Has your dog ever practiced pleasing behavior? Or you end up talking jealous of possessing someone else's dog from a legend, then stare at your stupid dog with iron hatred! !! 

Previously, dogs were often used by people to visit nursing homes, but nowadays, dogs are more expensive than humans. for example, "Sky Shocking Beast" is called "China's First Mastiff" worth tens of millions, which is definitely a heavenly rack for a mastiff. According to survey data, the most expensive Tibetan clam dog in the world has reached 40 million people. # Bad, the Tiantian Beast breed alone costs one, 2 million per spawning making one sigh: people are not the same as dogs. what. 1. China's first Tibetan Mastiff (worth 40 million) Shock monster, an encyclopedia entry showing it belongs to the animal kingdom, chordata, and the zoological subdivision with the backbone.

Friday, September 4, 2020

The Shiba Inu at home is really powerless to sleep

The Shiba Inu at home is really powerless to sleep, how could that be said? You know its sleeping position after realizing it, is about to be! But netizens got used to it, when realizing that Shiba Inu was sleeping like that, netizens suddenly felt quite suddenly, being a "boy" but lying on his back that had a similar "beautiful" sleep style. , I really don't know what to mention. Shiba Inu's sleeping style was a bit "attractive", like a young girl, too flattering when I first raised the Shiba Inu, the netizens were infatuated with it, and they couldn't bear having to separate it every day. They didn't let it go until they were about to go to bed. Sometimes they will sleep in their mother's arms. I can't recognize the sleep pattern, after raising a Shiba Inu for a long time, I don't realize its sleeping pattern, every time it wakes up with sounds, basically no chance. Shiba Inu's sleeping position is quite "attractive", like a young woman, too flattering.

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Then, I see an unintentional opportunity, if it often wakes up as soon as there is a sound, then due to my illness, play Because of the fear of transmission, the Shiba Inu was locked in a metal cage and was not allowed out. Netizens watched the TV programs in the big living room, and Shiba Inu's iron cage in the big living room, no one cared about it, after a while, he went to sleep. Netizens turned around to find Shiba Inu sleeping on its side, just like a young girl sleeping on her back. Seductive, waking him up, Shiba Inu still thought that something happened. Shiba Inu's sleeping posture is relatively "attractive", like a girl, too flattering Netizens let him out of the captive dog pen for a long time, wanting to let him out to eat but netizens brought Shiba Inu out to play Although this time being sick, it is not very easy to develop into originality, you should have it out and you can buy it, or else you can remind your own Shiba Inu later. The Shiba Inu really didn't think about it, could be reminded that the owner was in a low status and wanted to let the master at home rest very low, but the owner was fixed to want to take him out can dogs eat asian pears.

The Shiba Inu didn't have any secret to resisting, so she obeyed. Put on your shirt and wait to play together. Shiba Inu's sleeping style is quite "attractive", like a girl, too flattering Netizens also understand that Shiba Inu does not want to appear very much, wants to rest at home but to stay at home is not low. Come out owning it. Netizens sent Shiba Inu to their family members after going out for a few days, friends also took pictures to send to the netizens, ashamed to throw it out, it was impossible to be a "young man". there is nothing like that. Today, every home has a computer, if you can surf the Internet at home every day, you will be able to keep a close eye on what happens in the world. And you can play games and learn cooking methods. Computers can make anything you can think of. But everything on a computer is a fantasy, a human understands, but animals often mistake it for truth. Shiba Inu was staring thoughtfully at the computer screen, and the host burst into laughter upon seeing it. Always with a netizen keeping Shiba Inu at home.

You can understand it with its Watch-Meat secret, most of it is edible, if there's something delicious at home, hide it. Netizens are resting at home today, and then they see Shiba Inu lying on his computer, staring at the screen! It was haunting to see its thoughtful appearance. Netizens are curious about what it's looking at. At first glance they laughed! originally got a few large charcoal kebabs on the computer screen! Shiba Inu was staring thoughtfully at the computer screen, and the host laughed when he saw it. Shiba Inu is so pointed, can't you see that slaughter in the computer is tasteless? I am afraid for a long time that saliva must flow into the computer and still damage the computer! Shiba Inu: shit, I want to eat and slaughter coal, I've never seen that big, hurry up!

Monday, August 31, 2020

Even though Satsuma's Xiaoyou has a pretty appearance

Even though Satsuma's Xiaoyou has a pretty appearance, inwardly he lives in the demolition team. Like Erha, Satsuma is a sled dog, very generous and energetic, if he brings dogs and cats along, he will tear the house apart.
Because it is the first time that he has pets, Xiaoyou is very fond of Satsuma and has no control over feeding. In addition, Satsuma loves to snack with Xiaoyou, so Xiu's dog is constantly making new heights and its body gets fatter. It is fat to become a pig.

Satsuma wore a poncho and turned around, the golden retriever walked behind Satsuma to change his look, the host had to cry ...
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To help the dog lose weight and lose energy, Xiaoyou had to take the dog for a walk for most of the day, but on a rainy day like this, Satsuma was kept at home, lying in a coma on the ground. . Speaking of fabric sofas, dining tables and chairs continue to show off.
Xiao You was so worried about the damaged furniture, she bought a small raincoat and drizzle boots for the dog. At first, the boring Satsuma refused to wear a poncho. It took a long time for him to dress the dog, but Satsuma After wearing the boots in the rain, walking was not easy, at first I jumped and slowly stopped.

Satsuma wears a poncho and turns around, the golden retriever walks behind Satsuma to change his appearance, the host must cry ...

As soon as Xiaoyou led Satsuma down the stairs, she stumbled across a golden retriever from the corner of the green roadside, the golden-haired dog was also wearing a small raincoat just like Satsuma. Satsuma is very plump and plump. The golden-haired dog saw it. Satsuma's eyes were immediately attracted to him, and hurriedly walked over to his master Satsuma's side, the two dogs sniffing each other.
Xiao You led Satsuma forward, but after the Golden Retriever pulled the dog, the owner of the Golden Retriever gradually realized that the dog made a little mistake, at first the Golden Retriever went with Satsuma. At first it becomes smoother.

Satsuma wore a poncho and turned around, the golden retriever walked behind Satsuma to change his appearance, the host had to cry ...

The owner of the Golden Retriever dog was crying bitterly after seeing the dog's footsteps, he drove the Golden Retriever home after the scolding but the dog still followed and could not return. home. I couldn't help smiling.

Satsuma wore a poncho and turned around, the golden retriever walked behind Satsuma to change his look, the host had to cry ...

The Golden Retriever is such a smart dog that according to Samo Handan he learns to walk, it is simply not a suitable target!

Although there is a saying

Although there is a saying "black cats are evil", black cats are sometimes very brave, and they can also be small saviors to protect the safety of the shovel ~

The amniotic fluid is broken, the mother elected to not notice, but it does

In the photo, the dumb looking black cat is the main character of the day.

Its shovel worker is a pregnant mother about to give birth. One day, when she slept more than four o'clock in the morning, she suddenly woke up in pain.

As soon as the pregnant mother opened her eyes, she saw the cat meowing beside her, unconsciously touching the painful spots on her face and the marks left by her teeth.

Compared to the anger, the shovel officer was more confused, obviously his cat had such a good temper, how could he bite at midnight? It is really strange.

However, she soon realized something was wrong.

It turned out that her amniotic fluid was broken, and she was not consciously sleeping. The black cat bites its owner abnormally because of this.

The reaction of netizens made people laugh to convince the OP to "divorce"? !

When the sausage guy shared this incident online, thought that people would praise this cat for his many contributions, but unexpectedly the netizens' attention went wrong.

One netizen said that the cat had discovered something that her husband did not notice, the cat was even better than her husband! Why not marry a cat ~

Other netizens also agreed, calling on the shovel officer to quickly appoint the cat as "queen", the more promising it is.

The shovel officer was also bewildered, saying: Cats now have a high status in the family! The whole family fights together ~

The shovel worker also appreciated the cat, saying that if the cat did not prompt it, the baby and himself could be in danger.

Cats are guardian of mothers and babies The world of mom and baby is huge, but the cat world is just this house, so it saved this little world and is a little savior ~

A cat's love is a kind of moisturizer and silence

In the eyes of many people, a cat is a cold, unloved creature, some even tell a shovel officer that "cats are unfamiliar objects".

The shovel worker may sometimes wonder, is his hairy child really using me as a foraging tool? Especially in the face of some cats that refuse to actively approach them, this kind of thinking gets even more intense.

Cats really have no feelings, is that "white eyed wolf" callous?

Of course this is not the case. In fact, much of a cat's love for its owner is silent. But at a critical moment, it will show love no less than any human.

Like this black cat, when it noticed that something was wrong, it immediately thought of the nearest shovel, and the little owner was not born.

No cat wants to "rescue" the owner from the bath? Although the kittens' behavior looks funny, it is also an expression of their love for their owner. They think the water is dangerous and they want to pull the owner out of the bath out of fear of injury.

So, since cats don't hate shovel officers, why are they so cold?

This has to do with the nature of cats, cats are naturally used to live alone, so it is not unreasonable to say cats are "innate cold" animals.

Furthermore, going back to the history of cat domestication of the human race, we will find that the domestic cat domestication time is less than a third of the time of dogs. Dogs are often used to visit home nursing homes, go hunting, ... All of these need to deal with people and seek cooperation, but cats don't need someone to direct the work. of them to catch rats, they are leaders!

That said, should we treat a cat as a normal "resident" after keeping it?

Of course not. The shovel staff can assess a cat's feelings towards themselves based on the cat's expression.

Some of the cat's expressions love you, the third most obvious

1. Snoring.

Experienced shovel workers know a cat purr is a happy expression. It squeals when you touch it, which means it's comfortable.

When you hug the cat, it will make a similar noise, which means that you hug the cat and makes the cat feel comfortable and it loves you.

2. Staring at the shovel officer to go to the toilet.

As we all know, only when you like someone do you care for her.

For cats, this fact is not wrong. When the staff with the shovel left the cat's view and went to the "dangerous place" filled with water, the cat actively looked at the owner in the obnoxious normal bathroom, out of fear of the owner being in danger. This is also a sign of the cat's fondness for shit.

3. Bright belly back to the shovel officer.

Some people may think that a cat with its buttocks facing itself is a kind of self dislike, in fact, it is similar to pointing the belly towards the owner.

Just imagine, if the cat doesn't trust the shovel worker, it will definitely face the shovel worker and stare at him, instead of turning his back

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Keeping a dog in the elderly

Keeping a dog in the elderly is also a source of nutrition, and it can probably save your life during a difficult time.

Rudy Armstrong, a 86-year-old former US soldier, lives alone in a boat house, with only a piece of Chihuahua cloth. The town is quiet and comfortable, everyday the elderly take a leisurely walk with Bubu on the station every day to admire the scenery, life is very comfortable.

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But one morning, the old man sitting and enjoying coffee suddenly could not move his hands and feet, turned his head, and could not call for help.

The old man living alone can only put his hope in Bobo, and tells Bobo that Bobo needs to be rescued, and go to the jetty attendant Kim Whittaker!

Although the ancients often take Bobo to find old friends, Bobo does not know if he remembers his name or knows to ask for help.

Suddenly, Bubu ran to find an old friend of his master.

Admin Lao Jin was also surprised to see Bubu, usually only one person and one dog, but Bubu was running around: Bubu, master? Why don't you come together.

Unexpectedly Bubu heard the owner and lay down on the ground away, old Jin felt something was wrong and rushed to the boat house, only to find that Bubu's owner had fallen to the ground.

With Boob's help, the stroke's owner regained life. During the few days when the host was hospitalized, Boob always missed him in a special way. Fortunately, the hospital arranged for the owner and the dog to meet after learning of the situation! Seeing its master's excitement, Bubu jumped directly into its master's arms, its tail wagging to the point of wanting to break.

The old man also embraces Bobo tightly, thanks to this faithful old man that he does not know how to get sick!

Hopefully you can recover as soon as possible, otherwise no one will take care of such a loyal and intelligent dog.
Today, according to official sources from Shishi Police, some netizens reported that a man in Shishi was driving a regular motorcycle at the intersection of Haojiang Road and Jialu Road, riding a motorcycle to pull a puppy. The man is suspected of wearing a police uniform.

Then the man was stopped by the enthusiastic crowd and found out that the puppy was injured.

Currently, according to information received from the Shishi Public Security Bureau, this man is Wu (from Fuzhou, Jiangxi, 48 years old).

After investigation, a man surnamed Wu, an employee of a real estate company in Shishi, Wu claimed that a first-class wild dog was found on Jialu Street at 10am on August 25. There is a dog at home, so Wu wants to adopt the dog. He tied the dog up with a rope and rode it on the motorbike. At first the puppy was on a motorbike but it may be exhausted and dragged by the motorbike until the puppy is injured.

When the crowd stopped Wu, they found the dog's legs and stomach were injured, fortunately the dog's life was not in danger.

The puppy was then taken away by an enthusiastic crowd who said they would take the puppy to the vet and adopt it.

Later, a blogger posted a photo of the dog during the treatment and said: "Thank you for your concern and concern! The dog is currently being treated at our hospital. very manly, friendly to everyone and not like anyone.

As for the man pulling the motorcycle, Wu said he wanted to adopt it and take it with him on a motorbike, but he accidentally turned into a rickshaw.

The Shishi Public Security Bureau stated that Wu committed an illegal act in violation of the prohibition marking instructions for motor vehicles and the Shishi City Traffic Police Department's Traffic Police Brigade punished punish him under the People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Act.

Netizens expressed strong doubts about Wu's plea, such as

"If you really want to adopt it, you'll put it on the pedal and not pull it."

"Is this a new explanation for dog abuse?"

"Want to adopt? Afraid of wanting to eat dog meat."

"Even if you don't really notice, such a focus person is not suitable for pets. The point is whether you can bring them home to feed them every day or not."

Normally, it is possible to use a bicycle to lead the dog because the bike speed is very slow and the maneuverability is high, the dog can practice running with the dog, but motorbikes are fast motor vehicles. height. "Legging the dog" sounds ridiculous, do you believe it or not?